Megan Fox Crushes DJ Khaled in Epic Fortnite Match

Last week during LG OLED's UItimate Gaming Showdown Megan Fox secured a win against DJ Khalid, overtaking him in points over the course of several Fortnite matches.

The 90-minute event featured Fox and Khalid playing Duos, their partners Fortnite coaches FearItSelf and Zews.

LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown ft. Megan Fox, DJ Khaled

LG OLED's first Fortnite Ultimate Gaming Showdown aired last week, pitting Megan Fox against DJ Khalid in a Duos tournament where each team racked up points for Eliminations, Placing, and Victory Royales.

Megan Fox teamed up with Fortnite coach Zews while DJ Khalid teamed up with FearItSelf, both content creators for Evil Geniuses.

Khalid pulled ahead early on until Fox came back in the second and third rounds to claim victory.

Fox's boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, even made an appearance to cheer on Megan once her victory was announced.

The stream was filled with plenty of playful banter and an extremely comfy Khalid who seemed chill throughout the entire competition.

Of course, it was also preceded by a fairly lengthy into before getting to the action, filled with marketing for LG OLED TVs.

The entire stream runs around an hour and forty minutes, with the actions starting at around the thirty-minute mark.

Fox is a lifetime gamer, having previous experience with Fortnite while Khalid is new to the game.

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LG OLED Ultimate Gaming Showdown

LG OLED is sponsoring several Ultimate Gaming Showdowns featuring their TVs as part of their Only on OLED marketing campaign

The Showdowns are hosted by the Twitch channel Evil Geniuses

During these showdowns, viewers will even have chances to win a brand-new LG OLED TV.

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