Unconventional Landing Location in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6

Where players choose to land on Apollo Island is just as important to any Fortnite match as what happens after they actually do.

While there are many popular spots to land, such as Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park, Retail Row, and The Spire, there are lots of other places players can land, fully gear up, and rotate out to start their match with several different advantages.

Here is a list of unconventional landing locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, in no particular order.

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Unconventional Landing Spots

While there are plenty of areas to land in Fortnite, these locations offering varying degrees of strategic advantage, and should not be overlooked.

Apres Ski Lodge

Fortnite Apres Lodge Location
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Apres Ski Lodge is a location that has been on the map for quite some time, yet it is often forgotten.

This location offers several key advantages for players, other than being a relatively quiet landing spot.

First, players can purchase the Shadow Tracker from Power Chord here, arguably one of the best pistols in the game with pinpoint accuracy, silent firing, large clip, and rapid-fire.

The ability to track a hit player is also a nice touch.

Players can also earn some quick bars here, first by accepting the "Emote on the Dance Floor" quest from Power Chord, but also by breaking every single red chair on all three floors of the structure.

There are several next to the dance floor, a group up in the loft, and two under the stairs in the basement.

Apres is also home to a few chests and ammo crates, offering a great chance to load up on ammo shields, and other useful items.

Once finished, players can rotate out to Flush Factory or Misty Meadows, offering them a great chance at some early eliminations and the opportunity to collect bones and mechanical parts for later use.

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Red Steel Bridge Slurp Truck

Red Steel Bridge Slurp Truck location
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Often neglected for entire matches at a time, the Slurp Truck located on the southern end of Red Steel Bridge is a great place to land, get up to max shields, and rotate to Pleasant Park, Boney Burbs, Sweaty Sands, or Risky Reels.

This gives players a lot of choice of how they would like their match to play out, whether they want to go for quick eliminations or search for more gear to better prepare themselves for the long game.

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REDACTED location in Fortnite
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**REDACTED** is an almost forgotten location in Fortnite that usually has some good starter loot, and offers excellent protection for players who are just entering the island.

The strategy here is to drop in, grab whatever gear there is to find, and pick off any players left over from the initial skirmishes at Base Camp Golf, Moun H7, or Base Camp Hotel.

Players can also rotate out into Catty Corner or up to Retail Row to pick up a Chonker-modded vehicle or extra loot and eliminations.


Fortnite Chair location
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An odd choice for a landing spot, offering no loot whatsoever.

What this location does offer is easy access to Compact Cards, Dirty Docks, and Lake Canoe, giving players an elevated view of each with some ground loot along the way.

For players who like to survey their surroundings and make calls on the fly, Chair offers just that, with not as much risk as it might seem landing in an area with no immediate gear.

Ragnarok's Beach

In Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, Ragnarok has moved from Viking Vessel to a beach to the southwest of the ship.

This location offers players some ground loot, a fire pit, and the opportunity to challenge Ragnarok for a purple weapon.

He also has several easy-to-complete quests, as well as a player bounty.

Once players finish up here they can rotate to Viking Vessel, Rainbow Rentals, or swim up the coast to rapidly get to H-House or Fancy View.

The Orchard Cabbage Patch

The Orchard Cabbage Patch location
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There are plenty of cabbages for players to forage here, earning a great amount of easy XP, especially when players have an XP surge.

There is often ground loot in the patch in the form of Common or Uncommon weapons and sometimes shields.

With easy access to The Orchard, Farmer's Market, and Pizza Pit, as well as the Guardian of the Fields to the east, players can drop in, earn XP, then gear up with mid-to-end game gear and move on.

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