Ninja made 5 million dollars in one month using Fortnite's Creator Code

There is no doubt that streamers make a lot more money than the average person. Ninja, who held the highest subscriber count for a long time, earns more than most people from gaming. Ninja's wife even recently alluded to Ninja having made 100 million dollars from gaming.

According to Ninja, he made millions from just his Creator Code on Fortnite. Though this may seem outrageous, Ninja is easily the gamer who has made the most money exclusively from gaming. Ninja also earns revenue from Sponsorships, deals, and other sources.

Is the Fortnite Creator Code really that profitable?

Last night, May 13th, Ninja returned to Fortnite after a hiatus from the game. They began discussing wages earned from their Creator Codes while playing with pro NRG Stable Ronaldo. Ninja stated:

“I think the most I’ve ever made in a month off of the Creator Code was like five-mil. I’m not joking.“

In 2018, Epic Games introduced this program, which allowed players to enter a code for purchases of items in the shop. The creator’s code being used would receive a small percentage of every sale. Rocket League has implemented this strategy into other games as well. Content creators and streamers are given their own codes to use in the item shop.

How much has Ninja earned from gaming in total?

On a February stream, NRG Stable Ronaldo blasted some viewers for not understanding Ninja's wealth. In addition to branding deals and sponsorships, he mentioned other indicators of Ninja's finances. It seemed that he offered a persuasive argument and that his reasoning made sense.

A few minutes following Ronaldo's stream, Ninja's wife Jessica Blevins tweeted, "100M." Ninja's wife had no other reason to tweet this, especially after that stream, so many assumed she was referencing the stream. The number' 100M' is thought to mean Ninja has made over $100 million in gaming revenue.

Millionaires are required to pay half of their profits in taxes after earning a certain income, according to Ninja. Furthermore, he assured that $25 million in taxes could be paid if someone earned $50 million, implying that he paid $25 million in taxes. Ninja paid $50 million in taxes in 2020, so based on what he said, he must have made double that amount.

Consequently, Ninja would become the highest-paid video game player in history (devoted solely to video games). In an era when gaming was not considered a profession, Ninja has definitely led the way. Today, many can look forward to making money from gaming, and especially now when creators like Ninja reveal that they've become rich from it.

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