24 Feb 2021

How To Get The Wildcat Fortnite Skin

Fortnite has continued to implement new and exciting content for its Marvel-themed season.

We are now in the final weeks of the current season, and with the season-ending event coming up; it is about to get hectic.

We are bound to see some new skins in the items shop, especially in time for the annual Winterfest event.

Now, a skin bundle has taken over Twitter and everyone is wondering how to get it!

Here are all the ways we know.



The skin itself is called the Wildcat skins and can be viewed down below if you have not seen it yet!

The skin comes with three different variants and uses a player model we have not seen before.


How To?

The only official way to obtain this skin as of now is going to cost a pretty penny.

This skin comes bundled with the new Fortnite X Nintendo Switch combo pack; which is available for purchase now!

If you pick one of these consoles up, you will get a code on the inside for this skin.


Any Other Ways?

As of now, there are no official ways to obtain this skin.

But, we have seen an ample amount of people on Twitter post that they have this skin for sale.

Use these services at your own caution, as you never know what could be a scam or not!