Fortnite Egg Launcher - Location, how to use, and more

The Fortnite map showing MEGA City on the horizon

The Fortnite map showing MEGA City on the horizon

The Fortnite Egg Launcher is a fun new explosive weapon just added to the game. Epic Games is constantly adding new weapons to the rotation, ensuring Fortnite players always have a new firearm to hit the battlefield with.

Here's everything we know about it, from its location to how to use it, and everything else you need to know. Though it may be a little hard to get used to, it is well worth learning to get one up on your opponents.

What is the Fortnite Egg Launcher?

The Fortnite Egg Launcher is a brand-new explosive weapon. Shots have an arc to them so they're a little bit difficult to hit accurately, but they do enough damage to justify learning. Generally speaking, they are at their best in build modes, as they are an excellent way of taking out buildings.

This being said, they can be pretty valuable in no-build mode too, due to their big explosive damage. If players are using a building to camp out until the end of the game, this is a good way of pushing them out.

How do I find and use the Fortnite Egg Launcher?

You will find yourself an Egg Launcher in the game's chests, just like you would find any other gun. It also comes in tiers like others with Gold being the best version you can get. If you are looking to find yourself an Egg Launcher, go to an area in the map where others haven't dropped and loot every single chest you can find.

It uses standard rockets as its ammo, so it will be a little limited when you pick it up. Look around the map for ammo boxes to get yourself some more rockets to get into combat with. Given it has a wide arc on each shot, it is worth using this as more of a short-range weapon.

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