How to Get Fortnite's Piranha Pickaxe

With the launch of Fortnite's Creative Mayhem competition, there are two exclusive rewards players can earn by participating.

The first is the Golden Flopper Spray, earned by signing up for Creative Mayhem and rewarded immediately to players when they enter Fortnite.

The other prize is the Pirahna Pickaxe, a set of lethal-looking axes sure to add a bit of flair to any character set.

How to Get the Pirahna Pickaxe

Fortnite Creative Mayhem
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While the Pirahna Pickaxe is a Creative Mayhem exclusive item, it is straightforward for players to earn.

After signing up for Creative Mayhem, all players need is to play the Creative Qualifier Map for at least 30 minutes before May 11, 2021.

However, unlike the Golden Flopper Spray, the Pirahna Pickaxe is not an immediate unlock.

The item will go out to players who played for at least 30 minutes in the Creative Qualifer Map within three weeks of the completion of Creative Mayhem.

There is no hard timeframe yet, but it is nice to know that such an item is available for such a tiny bit of time investment in a Creative map.

With the difficulty of the Creative Qualifier, it will take no time at all for players to sink 30 minutes or more into trying to complete the Deathrun.

Both the Golden Flopper Spray and the Piranha Pickaxe are currently exclusive to Creative Mayhem.

Epic Games reserves the right to release them as promotions or for purchase at a later time.

Still, free is better.

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Creative Mayhem

Fortnite's Creative Mayhem is a chance for players to run through Creative maps made by their favorite content creators for a chance to win in-game prizes.

The top participants will be paired with their favorite content creator for the main Creative Mayhem event, pitting Creators and their communities against each other for a chance to compete in the Global Finals on June 5th with a grand prize of $264,000 on the line.

The Qualifiers take place on:

  • May 21 - 22: France, Poland, Germany, Italy
  • May 26 - 27: Russia, Middle East, Spain, North America
  • May 31 - June 1: South America, Brazil, Australia, Korea

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