How to Get Port-a-Fort in Fortnite

port a fort, fortnite

port a fort, fortnite

The latest update, version 21.20, has just dropped in Fortnite. Alonsgide the addition of a new Charge SMG, a fan favourite item is coming back to the battle royale. Once again, you'll be able to get a Port-a-Fort in Fortnite to quickly build yourself some cover. If you're not sticking to the no build mode that has become popular over the last few months, here are the details you need on how to get the returning item.

Thankfully, they work in the same way as they did when they made their debut back in early 2018. All you need to do is throw them at the ground, like you would any other grenade item, and a small fort will instantly be built for you to hide behind. They can give you a leg up in fights if you throw one down quickly.

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How to Get Port-a-Fort in Fortnite

Not only do Port-a-Forts work in the same way as they did the first time they released, but they're found in the same way too.

As Epic Games says in their own breakdown of the new update: "Throw down a Port-A-Fort — found from the ground as well as Chests — to fortify yourself in seconds. Zero building is required, as the fort will arise on its own."

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Therefore, all you need to do is keep searching while playing, opening as many chests as you can find and looking in all the places that loot normally spawns.

Once you find a Port-a-Fort, it will be added to your inventory as any other item would and you just need to throw it somewhere to quickly build something.

More New Items in Update 21.20

Another new item is also joining Fortnite as part of the 21.20 update. Replacing the Combat SMG, the Charge SMG has been added to the loot pool of the game.

fortnite, charge smg
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Below is what the official description of the weapon is:

"Found from the ground, Chests, Supply Drops, Reality Saplings, and sharks, pick up the new Charge SMG to wind up a punch! You’ll activate a charge by holding down the trigger, and the more you hold it, the more bullets you’ll release when you let go. How to know when to release? You’ll see a gauge on-screen showing how far in the charge you are. Send a strategic full charge or a spontaneous partial charge!"

Much like the Port-a-Fort, it should be pretty easy to find in most games.

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