Fortnite 21.20 Update: Release Date, Downtime, Patch Notes, and More

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Fortnite 21.20
June 14, 2022: Updated to include news of the 21.10 update release date.

The Fortnite 21.20 release date appears to be just around the corner now. We don't have official confirmation but we have so much to go off that it seems likely. Fortnite has seen so many updates over the last few years that a new update seems imminent.

With 21.10 just a week away, many players are looking forward to what's next. Here's what we know so far.

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Update 21.10 out next week

As confirmed by HYPEX, update 21.10 is set to go live next week. HYPEX is a reputable leaker for the game so, if they say something, it seems likely there's some truth to it.


This is the preamble working up to update 21.20


When Is the Fortnite 21.20 Update Release Date?

We don't yet have an official date for the Fortnite 21.20 Update. This being said, there are some signs pointing to a release near the start of July. Fortnite Status revealed that new quests will be coming with update 21.10 and the implications of that will go on throughout the Summer.

As of right now, players are expecting update 21.10 to go live over the next week or two, then 21.20 will follow that up around July 10–July 12. If anything happens before then or we get confirmation either way, we will update you right here.

Fortnite 21.20 Update Downtime


Generally, downtime is scheduled to go live just before the next update arrives. This means that, if Fortnite 21.20 goes out on July 12, we should expect a few hours of downtime just before that. Generally, it's worth planning that time out to let Fortnite do what it needs to.

From here, wait a couple of hours to get in there again. If the game doesn't go live when it's supposed to, you can just leave it for another hour or so and it will sort itself out.

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