Where Are The Fortnite Week 11 Alien Artifacts?

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Fortnite Week 11 Alien artifacts might have been discontinued.
Credit: Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite alien artifacts were a form of seasonal currency in Fortnite Season 7. Using these artifacts we could purchase styles for the Kymera skins during this season.

However, after the Fortnite update 17.40, the community hasn't been able to find any trace of alien artifacts till now.


Here's everything we know.

What happened to the Fortnite alien artifacts in Week 11?

Up until last week, we had our dosage of alien artifacts. However, as mentioned before, we don't seem to have the knowledge of any alien artifact locations.

Although you could still get your hands on these alien artifacts by looting cosmic chests in Fortnite, those stand alone alien artifact bits cannot be found anymore.


This has led the community to speculate that there aren't anymore alien artifacts. In total, we've been getting 20 alien artifacts each week. So that comes up to 200 alien artifacts for 10 weeks.

In order to unlock all the Kymera styles, we would need around 360 alien artifacts. The remaining 160, we need to pick up from cosmic chests. Although that's a favorable number, you can't always come across a cosmic chest in Fortnite.


The cosmic chest mechanism only comes into play if you're in game with a team. You won't find any cosmic chests in the solo mode.

And that's all we know about the Fortnite Week 11 alien artifacts. We'll update this piece as and when we have more information.

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