Fortnite Players Experience Clothing and Swimming Based Update Glitches

A player flying in Fortnite.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

How are you supposed to capture that coveted Fortnite victory royale when you’re being distracted by texture bugs on your character’s clothing or the fact you’re floating through water instead of swimming?

These are the questions that players have found themselves dealing with over the past few days as Epic Games attempts to fix several problems, some of which seem to have been caused by version 20.20.

Epic Games is already attempting to rectify the issues, but this hasn’t stopped some players from registering their frustration and sharing images of glitches on social media.

Fortnite Players Experience Update Glitches

The majority of the recent glitches seem to revolve around in-game clothing, as shown by Twitter user @dilfun123, who replied to Fortnite Status’ tweet acknowledging the issues to say: “it took you guys two days to figure this out.”

In addition, they provided the above thread highlighting some of the clothing related issues, explaining: “Haileys jacket is completely stiff in the picture below. As well as some characters hairs/clothing is bugged; Loserfruit, Daring Duelist, Beach Jules, Both Ariana Grande outfits, Tsuki 2.0, and many other outfits.”

Twitter user @TribalSteak shared a clip of an amusing glitch that sees a female character’s head glitch through her hood during an animation on PS5.

Other players highlighted issues with skirts and capes on characters like Rue and the Dwayne Johnson voiced legendary outfit The Foundation sticking up abnormally, making for a rather surreal experience.

Beyond the clothing issues, Android user @MobileMamaLlama showcased some problems with swimming and diving animations on mobile, apparently also caused by the update.

The Nintendo Switch still seems like the platform most heavily affected by general glitches and issues, with one player having gone so far as to create the Twitter account @PhysicsSwitch in order to pressure Epic Games into fixing physics problems within the game.

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