Toona Trouble Teases Fortnite Bendy Collaboration

Yesterday the official Fortnite Twitter account posted a comic featuring everyone's favorite jacked cat, Meowcles.

This strange, three-panel comic features the muscle kitty finding a strange greyscale fish, eating it, and then being consumed by a mysterious black ink.

While the comic versions of Meowcles, Fishstick, and other Fortnite characters have been teased in the past, this comic features a very specific aesthetic hinting at something more.

Fortnite x Bendy and the Ink Machine

Not long after the Fortnite comic released, @theMeatly responded with the following:

How... familiar. :) Nope, we didn't "invent ink" or "rubberhose" but pretty sure that scary ink turning people into cartoon versions sounds pretty #BENDY to me. :) As always, I wish @FortniteGame and their players nothing but luck and happiness..

For those unfamiliar, @theMeatly is the Twitter account of Kindly Beast, Bendy and the Ink Machine developers.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a series of first-person horror games set in a world of vintage animation, featuring a particular aesthetic that feels like Bioshock meets Steamboat Willy.

The villain of this series is Ink Bendy, a deformed version of Joey Drew Studios' (the in-game animation studio) most popular character.

Bendy promo image
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BENDY: Why is old animation so creepy?

What does this mean for Fortnite?

It is hard to tell, but it feels like a collaboration s on the way.

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Fortnite Cartoon Comic Bundle

In the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 Battle Pass there are two levels, 88 and 91, that feature an item with a similar style to the Toona Trouble comic.

Season 6 also happens to be the Season with a comic-book tie-in with Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point.

Could the possible Bendy collaboration come in the form of some Cartoon Comic Bundle?

If so, what items could players expect to see?

Versions of Bendy, including his original and Ink looks, could be included.

Where does Meoewcles fit it, or is he just a means of promotion?

At this point, it is too early to tell.

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