Where is Rebirth Raven in Fortnite?

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One of the latest NPCs to arrive on Apollo Island is DC's Rebirth Raven, a character from Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6's Battle Pass.

While easy to find once players know where she is, the chances that a Fortnite player will randomly happen about her are slim since she is located on one of the least-visited places on the island.

Where is Rebirth Raven

Fortnite map Rebirth Raven location
RAVEN: Fans can find her in a rarely visited location

Found in a remote and rarely visited spot on Apollo Island, Fortnite players can find Rebirth Raven in or around a house just northwest of Sweaty Sands.


Raven is great because players can obtain the Unstable Bow from her, activate Rifts in exchange for gold, and even predict Storm Circle locations.

Rebirth Raven also always has two different challenges to offer players.

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Rebirth Raven Skin

Fortnite Rebirth Raven outfits
RAVEN: Rebirth Raven has three different styles to earn

Rebirth Raven is available to Battle Pass holders who reach Level 77.


Her next outfit, Raven Classic, is obtained at Level 88, shortly after reaching her unique emote at Level 83.

To obtain the Rachel Roth outfit for Rebirth Raven, Fornite players need to complete every Epic Quest in Fortnight Chapter 2, Season 6.

Achieving Level 77 in the Battle Pass is no small task, but by working through each of the Weekly Quests in Season 6, players should be able to grind through the levels in no time, earning Rebirth Raven and all the other goodies contained within.

Rebirth Raven is a fantastic-looking skin for Fortnite fans, which is a nice addition after the disappointing Green Arrow skin from a previous Fortnite Crew pack.

The real icing on the cake is the Rachel Roth outfit, which will be quite a feat for some players to obtain.

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