Fortnite to Shut Down Its Service in China

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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite China started its journey back in 2018. And now, after three long years of running, the game will finally be shutting down.

Fortnite China has had a lot of differences with it's global counterpart. The shut down, however, comes as a surprise to the entire global community.

The reason behind Fortnite China shutting down

There is no clear reason behind the shutting down of Fortnite China for now. However, the community is speculating that the shut down is a direct result of the strict gaming regulations for children that the Chinese authorities introduced.

It was because of these gaming regulations that Fortnite China differs so much from the global variant. Major differences include the lack of micro transactions within the game.

Moreover, Fortnite China has no skulls. This prevented the release of many skins on the Chinese variant, while many others were modified to fit the bill.

Overall, Fortnite China was designed to be portrayed as less violent when compared to the global variant.

That being said, Fortnite China will be going down on November 15th. And most importantly, accounts cannot be created after today, i.e, November 1st.

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