Fortnite China Is A Different Reality In Itself

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There is a stark difference between Fortnite and Fortnite China. From limited play times to no skulls, Fortnite China could actually claim to be in a different reality altogether.

Not only that, they even have their own set of events in the game. And finally, you won't be able to play the Chinese variant because it's region locked.


Fortnite Global vs Fortnite China

Lack of skeletons

For some reason, Fortnite China does not feature skulls or skeletons. They follow this rule to such an extent that the Chop Dropper glider that we see in this season looks like a massive pink balloon.

Apparently China is very high on censorship so a lot of Fortnite skins like the Taskmaster were edited to suit the norms. Some skins like the Ghost Rider skin didn't even make it to Fortnite China.


Free battle pass

This is one of those rare moments when I'd rather play the Chinese version of Fortnite. Hit a specific level and you'll get the battle pass for free.

China does not allow microtransactions so loopers can earn V-Bucks by participating in special events in game.

The gold earning mechanism in both the versions remains the same. Finally some equality.


Lunar New Year Event

Every year during the Lunar New Year, there's an event in Fortnite China. This event is completely region locked, and is open to Chinese loopers only.


There are exclusive skins and rewards that loopers stand to earn during this event. I'd love to get my hands on these cosmetics but they're restricted to China only.

No Arena Mode

To prevent addiction, the Chinese government has certain restrictions on the amount of time that children get to spend on computer games. This time limit prevents Epic Games from introducing the Arena mode and LTMs in Fortnite China.

Chinese loopers get 90 minutes of gaming time every day and 3 hours of gaming time every weekend. Once you've elapsed your gaming time, you stop earning XP and your challenges are disabled as well.


Imagine this, you're in the middle of a really grindy challenge, and you're almost about to complete it. That's when your time elapses and all challenges get disabled. Yeah, you feel the frustration don't you?

Victory conditions

Funnily enough, the victory conditions in Fortnite China are communist (not surprised). You're automatically given a victory royale if you've managed to survive for 20 minutes. I win, you win, we all win, comrade!