Fortnite Spire Quest: How to defeat Glyph Master Raz and collect the Spire Artifact

With Fortnite 16.30, the final challenges for The Spire Quests arrive, and with them a final confrontation with Glyph Master Raz.

Equipped with a Mythic Explosive Bow and a powerful ability to drain a player's energy while bypassing their shields, Glyph Master Raz is one of the toughest bosses in Fortnite yet.

How to defeat Glyph Master Raz and collect the Spire Artifact

Glyph Master Raz is found at The Spire in place of the Spire Assassin.

Fortnite players can tell when they are near him as he will start to chant, and the music will take a dramatic turn.

It is wise to go into this battle with full health and shields, as well as with a squad.

It is possible to beat him solo (the author did), but it is a complete pain.

As for weapons, players will want longer-range weapons with good precision.

Mechanical assault rifles and SMGs are best for this fight.

Fortnite Glyph Master Raz
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RAZ: Battle Pass owners can earn the Glyph Master Raz style

Try to stay away from shotguns and bows, as the former requires players to get too close to Raz, and bows are too slow to be effective.

Raz has two attacks.

  1. A Mythic Explosive Bow
  2. An energy-draining attack that bypasses a players' shields

Raz can also teleport, similar to a Spire Assassin.

The trick to beating Raz is to stay far enough away from him that his energy-draining attack cannot reach.

When he uses it, unload as many rounds into him as possible before he starts teleporting and firing off arrows again.

It takes patience and some good dodging skills, but eventually, he will do down, dropping the Mythic Bow and the Spire Artifact needed to complete the challenge and finish The Spire Quests.

Players who have the Fortnite Battle Pass also get the Glyph Master style for the Raz skin.

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