Where To Find The Burst Pulse Rifle In Fortnite

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The Burst Pulse Rifle was something that was talked about a while back. We expected it to be a variant of the Pulse Rifle that's currently in game itself.

Now that we have a first look of the weapon, it can be easily concluded that the Burst Pulse Rifle is indeed a variant of the regular Pulse Rifle itself.


That being said, here's everything we know about the Burst Pulse Rifle.

Everything we know about the Burst Pulse Rifle

The Burst Pulse Rifle isn't in the game yet. However, since it's in the files, you can expect it to go live one of these days.

According to the description, you'll be able to land more precision hits once you aim down the sights. It's got a 2 second reload time, and deals about 30 damage to the player.


Since it's got a clip of 20 bullets, you'll need about seven successful body shots to knock someone out for good with this weapon. Now, since this is a burst fire rifle, you'll be shooting around three rounds in every shot, making this weapon a very formidable one.

That being said, where do we get this weapon?


Data miners haven't mentioned anything about the availability of this weapon for now. So i'm assuming this will be found in I.O. chests.

The original Pulse Rifle is an I.O. weapon so it'll be found inside I.O. chests that's a given. That being said, I feel we'll be able to craft this weapon using a regular Pulse Rifle too.

After the Fortnite update today, the Burst Pulse Rifle has finally gone live. It's only a matter of time before we see it in action in game.

This weapon however, won't be available in the Competitive mode in Fortnite.

Happy surviving fellow loopers!

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