Fortnite Season 7 Leak Shows "Smart Builds" Coming Soon

Players who want to build as well as the more competitive players in Fortnite need custom controls. In an accurate Fortnite match, cycling through every model won't suffice. However, it seems that maybe the days of working hard for this advantage are over.

It appears that Fortnite will implement an easy way to build through an automatic building. This new method called 'Smart Builds' is something Epic Games is looking into. One of the most prominent leakers in the Fortnite community, iFireMonkey, has revealed this.

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Fortnite to introduce 'Smart Builds' soon

Fortnite's core gameplay elements have remained untouched for so long. There have been some changes since Fortnite introduced turbo Building, but most have been related to adjusting it.

However, data miners found that Fortnite had added a new variety of placeable build to the files after the v17.10 patch. @iFireMonkey, a famous leaker known for his YouTube videos, recently added a YouTube video explaining this development.

By using these "Smart Builds," players can, in essence, automate the process of putting multiple pieces into place at the same time. As such, you can quickly build an entire structure, a box, for example, without having to cover every angle.

Here are the four 'Smart Builds' that we are aware of:

  • Smart Box: The Smart Box is a standard box with four walls, a floor, and a roof.
  • Smart Tower: Smart Towers are parts of a building without a roof, used for elevation purposes.
  • Smart Bridge: The smart bridge is a combination of stairs and floors providing a path over/across obstacles.
  • Smart Auto: In this case, it is unclear whether it is a stair, wall, or floor (Think protected ramp rush).

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Fortnite new building system coming

Although we don't know how they will be implemented, there are four builds and four shoulder buttons, so this isn't rocket science. In my opinion, smart builds will be an option, along with pressing the shoulder button to build if necessary. I think this makes the most sense.

When players refuse to learn how to build quickly, this is a much better way of playing. Despite Fortnite being relatively accessible, sweats has made it more of a building and shooting game. For some, this is fun, but not for others.

With the ability to place simple structures, such as boxes and towers, things would seem less overwhelming with a single click. However, if it works the way I think, then it will quickly become an advantage for many. Making your own buildings would be much more difficult and time-consuming than asking the game to do it for you.

While it would undoubtedly be intriguing to see how additional build pieces or edits affect the skill gap at the top tier, most fans would prefer that this ceiling be lowered rather than increased. With the v17.20 update arriving next week, we should learn more about Smart Builds soon.

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