Fortnite Season 7: Where To Find And Use Inflate-A-Bull (Week 6 Legendary Challenge)

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Inflate-A-Bull is a new in-game item that appears in the Fortnite Season 7 update. It was leaked with a multitude of issues, but now it's part of a weekly challenge. Fortnite loopers have been kept glued to Fortnite for weeks now, thanks to new items released every week by Epic Games.

In Fortnite Season 7, they introduced the Inflate-A-Bull after introducing Alien Nanites. A new in-game item has been added to the Week 6 Legendary Challenge, and gamers are curious to know where it is located and how to use it.


Fortnite Season 7: Earn XP by using Inflate-A-Bull

There are two sets of Fortnite challenges for loopers every week. Taking part in these challenges rewards gamers with a massive amount of XP, which players can use to rank up in the Battle Pass tiers. In week 6 of the challenge, gamers are asked to use an Inflate-A-Bull to complete one of the quests.

Upon completing this challenge, they will earn 30,000 XP.


As with Alien Nanites, Inflate-A-Bulls can be found in IO chests and regular chests. Although there are many more Inflate-A-Bulls than Alien Nanites, there is a good thing about it: the spawn rate is much higher. Compared to Alien Nanites, it is relatively more straightforward for gamers to get their hands on an Inflate-A-Bull.

Fortnite Season 7 players should use it and complete the Week 6 Legendary Challenge as soon as the Inflate-A-Bull item is found. Clicking twice on the jump button will activate the Inflate-A-Bull item. The suit will be activated by clicking a second time, covering the looper and making it look like a cow.

Loopers are covered in an inflatable cow-like suit, so they can easily roll down cliffs or structures without getting hurt. With the Inflate-A-Bull, gamers are protected from enemy bullets as well as the environment.


The Inflate-A-Bull suit is vulnerable to damage from enemy bullets. Self-repairing items, however, can be quickly repaired, and players can use the item soon after it has been damaged. If the Inflate-A-Bull is deflated before deployment, it will take less time to deploy.

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