Fortnite LeBron James Skin Given Out For Free: Redeem Code Leaked

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Fortnite created a skin for LeBron James's Icon series with the help of the NBA superstar. A lot of news and media coverage surrounded this partnership. The Chicago mural helped push the game, and Fortnite sent gifts to influencers to promote the Lebron James skin.

It is here at last, and while many players think they need to wait for the skin to appear in the item shop, that might not be the case. We have the Lebron James Tunes Squad skin that was leaked online. It is important to note that the code no longer works because Epic Games wanted to prevent more people from claiming it.


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Fortnite Season 7: LeBron James skin free

Data miners have revealed that LeBron James will appear as an Icon Series skin in Fortnite Season 7. In Fortnite Season 7, players have been eager to own the iconic cosmetic ever since the news was revealed. Recently, Epic Games released several codes to redeem the coveted skin for free.

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These collaborations are extremely popular among gamers, as they often result in specific in-game skins and other rewards. There was a lot of excitement regarding the inclusion of LeBron James in the coveted cosmetic, and gamers were excited to get their hands on it.

iFireMonkey, a prominent leaker, recently revealed that Epic Games has rolled out the Tune Squad LeBron James cosmetic for free. Epic Games clearly didn't want to keep giving this away free, so they took it down when sites began broadcasting it. Fortnite players had to enter the following code to claim the free skin: rlfac-dvx9y-7n4f7-lukck

At this time, there are no codes available, so we must purchase skins in-game—unlucky us who did not know about the code until it was too late.