Could We Have A Looney Tunes Collaboration In Fortnite Sometime In The Future?

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Epic Games has never shied away from any collaboration, no matter how big or small. At this point of time, they're probably one of the largest IP holders in the gaming industry. From DC to Marvel, Epic Games has done it all.

Since last season, Epic Games has begun collaborating with eminent personalities from the sports world as well. Neymar Jr. started the wave and LeBron James happens to be the latest sports person to join the Fortnite universe for now.


However, since he also does feature a Tune Up Squad skin variant, a possible Looney Tunes collaboration could be on the cards.

Will we see a Looney Tunes collaboration in Fortnite sometime soon?

It's hard to say that there wouldn't be any collaboration with Looney Tunes in the near future. In fact, a collaboration could potentially open up the doors for collaborations with many more cartoons like Scooby Doo and the likes.

Moreover, Looney Tunes has actually shown interest in a potential collaboration.


A user on Twitter spoke about a potential Looney Tunes skins in Fortnite, to which Looney Tunes responded in an affirmative.

This is enough to prove that the company is interested in such a collaboration, if not talking about one already.


That being said, it wouldn't be a surprise if we received a Looney Tunes themed skin sometime towards the end of Fortnite Season 7 or even in Fortnite Season 8. Moreover, a collaboration with Looney Tunes will fit the theme of Fortnite perfectly.

Fortnite has a very cartoon-like approach to their characters and to the game itself. A potential Looney Tunes collaboration will sit very well with children and young adults.


That being said, all this is still a speculation. There hasn't been any official word from Epic Games about this. Only time will be able to decide the future of this potential collaboration!

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