Fortnite Season 7: How To Watch Replays

Fortnite offers a unique feature that most games don't care to add. The game can record gameplay so that players can review individual matches. It's a great way to find out of someone really hacked or if a player is just bad at the game.

In fact, the replay system is how gamers were able to figure out that famous hacker 'Gemato Tasaki' cheated to win a cash cup. Obviously, this has its uses, and it wouldn't hurt to keep it on. So we have the way to do so down below.

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How to turn on and use the replay system in Fortnite Season 7

Through the replay feature, players can pause and play each frame, in turn, to find out what went wrong in the episode. Replays are easy to watch, but there are a few things players need to take care of before they can start doing so:

  1. Start the game
  2. Navigate to the Replays tab in Settings
  3. The Replays menu has three options.
  4. Set all the settings to "On."

After everything is turned on, players can record their replays and view them within Fortnite. As far as replays are concerned, players will need to play several matches before they can view any of these options aren't checked from the beginning.

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