Fortnite Season 7: Inflate-A-Bull Has An Unlimited Item Glitch

Inflate-A-Bull has been the subject of some controversy since its release. In particular, players keep finding ways to use glitches to their advantage. Players have done a lot with this item, including flying into the air, but this is a first.

The item may be removed again by Epic Games for this glitch since it's really unfair. It is now possible for players to have an unlimited number of items in their inventory with the Inflate-A-Bull. A player's inventory space legitimately increases, which is obviously unfair.

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Fortnite Season 7's Inflate-A-Bull gives unlimited storage space

Since Fortnite has a limited amount of storage space, gamers must invest wisely in ammunition and weapons. In some games, the final rounds are plagued by a shortage of bullets.

Players recently could have infinite amounts of items in the game because of a glitch involving the Inflate-A-Bull. Gamers must follow the following steps to activate this Fortnite glitch:

  1. This glitch requires two Inflate-A-Bull items.
  2. It will be necessary for players to pick up the Inflate-A-Bull and turn on the "Hold to swap/pickup" setting.
  3. Gamers will have to swap the Inflate-A-Bull with the second one once the settings have been changed.
  4. Once it is completed, gamers will need to pick up the new Inflate-A-Bull. A duplicate item will show zero in a player's Fortnite inventory if it is a duplicate.
  5. Then, swap the Inflate-A-Bull to pick the items.

The inventory won't fill up, so gamers can stock up on weapons, bullets, and consumables to last the entire game. Because the Inflate-A-Bull glitch in Fortnite is pretty bad, Epic should be able to fix it very soon.

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