Elon Musk Sides With Fortnite In The Epic Games Vs Apple Lawsuit

Everyone has heard about Fortnite being removed from mobile stores, followed by Epic Games suing Apple and Google. Both companies removed the ways to play the game on the phone, then claimed that they didn't because it was playable on other devices. Elon Musk weighed in on the situation with a reasonable opinion to share.

Elon Musk is seen as a more kind and down-to-earth billionaire. His exemplary employment practices and lack of Dr. Evil-style habits, unlike Jeff Bezos, account for this. Elon Musk also supported the underdog and those who sell their items on the App Store rather than Apple.

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Elon Musk takes the side of Fortnite in Epic Games Vs. Apple lawsuit

The lawsuit was primarily in response to Epic's direct payment system built into Fortnite to ensure Apple cannot take home the 30% App Store purchase fee. Significant opposition from the gaming community erupted when Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store. Epic Games' position regarding Apple has been supported by most of the community in ensuring that app developers are not exploited in terms of money.

The Apple App Store may not be attractive to independent app developers if they must pay a fee for the platform provided by the Store.

Elon Musk even agreed with the community, stating in a tweet:

some have replied to his tweet saying that it is a small amount that Apple charges for the vast platform it provides to the developers. Despite this, they miss the point since Apple only provides a platform for finding games but charges developers an excessive amount. In-app purchases (like in Fortnite) could be charged 30% without apparent reasoning on the platform.

The following is exactly what Elon Musk has to say about the entire issue as well:

There is more to this lawsuit than meets the eye, and the longer it goes, the more dirty laundry will be exposed. Even Steam got involved at one point. You can read more about it here.

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