Fortnite Sends Out Survey That Reveals Next Possible Collaborations: 21 Savage, The Witcher, And Even The Matrix

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The collaboration with other games has been part of Fortnite's history for a long time, but this is an extreme change from the past. Earlier this year, Epic Games sent out a survey asking who the next collaboration should be with. Many people are on this list, and it's pretty extensive!

As for me, I hope that they don't ruin their current success by going too deep into these collaborations. Fortnite developers tend to forget about collaborations as part of the game, not as the game itself. However, it would be nice to see these additions.


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Fortnite Sends Out E-mail about Collaborations

The Fortnite leaker Shiina announced on Twitter that Epic Games received a survey. Participants were asked to respond to an email survey about characters, franchises, influencers, and more. We need to keep in mind that Epic Games regularly sends out these surveys. Eventually, survey items made their way into Fortnite.


There is no doubt that Epic Games are on the move. As you can see, the list of characters in the survey is extensive. With Fortnite collaborations, the possibilities are endless.

Fortnite is bound to receive more Icon Series skins sooner or later. There will not be a list of every name here; check out the image to see them all. It looks like Fortnite will last a very long time based on how long this list is.

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