Fortnite Season 7: How To See The Live Player Count

There are so many other games that would be jealous of the player base of Fortnite. I was one of the people who noticed the drop in popularity in Google Trends and thought that it meant the game was becoming less popular. This isn't true; Fortnite hasn't lost any of its luster.

Moreover, we have evidence to support it as well! The number of people playing Fortnite is tracked by a real website. It is easy to find out how many active players there are in Fortnite's battle royale game by doing a search on google for "Fortnite live player count." But we have a better way.

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Fortnite live player count in Season 7

Battle royale games continue to be wildly popular, and these number tracking sites prove it. If you are interested in viewing the Fortnite live player count, there are a couple of websites you can visit. Weirdly enough, they are pretty inconsistent, so an average of the numbers would be the smartest solution.

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One website shows just over 5 million active players at the time of writing. I recommend using multiple websites if you are curious. Several of them seem to be extremely effective. In addition to its Fortnite live player count, also offers a chart. In the chart, you can see things like the average number of players per month and the peak number of players in one day. That's really nerdy, but it seems like the most accurate because of the numbers.

The next website is The app has a live player count and a button that users can use at any time to update the player count. Their data is stored using Gohost Network Protocol technology.

These two sites are the most popular places to see Fortnite live player counts. Various discrepancies of numbers add up to millions of active players, so you get to decide which one you prefer and trust most.

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