Is Fortnite Getting Smarter By The Day?

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Fortnite has been around for a while now. Since 2017, the game has managed to keep up with the times and has gotten smarter with each and every update.

Remember when Turbo building was first introduced in the game? That thing made building so easy. No wonder people raged when it was disabled.

That being said, we'll be seeing a few similar changes that will make the gameplay in Fortnite comparatively easier than before.


Upcoming changes in Fortnite

First of all, with the Fortnite 17.20 update we'll be receiving something that is known as "preferred item slots." What this means is, while we're looting, items will go in the slots that we decide from before hand.

We don't have to manually remove them or replace them. All we need to do is assign the slots and the game will do the rest of the job for us. With the 17.20 update, the default mode will be enabled for all.


In the current game, you'll always notice that the health packs and shields go to the right always. This new system will take it up by a notch and will make things easier for us, especially in the heat of battle.

And I sincerely hope that this works the way it's intended to work.

Secondly, Epic Games is working on something known as smart builds. According to data miner iFireMonkey, these smart builds will allow you to place complete builds with the click of a button. Pretty fancy right?

Although smart builds won't be going live with the Fortnite 17.20 update, it'll be here with us at a later date. I just hope it doesn't cause problems like the pre-edits did.


Anyway, these two changes are pretty big changes in my opinion. And they're definitely making Fortnite smarter than it was before. I just hope these features work as they're intended to work.

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