Where To Find And Destroy Spooky TV Sets in Fortnite Season 6

The fourth Fortnite Foreshadowing quest has gone live. For this quest, you have to run around the map destroying spooky TV sets.

There is one more quest that was supposed to go live, but that hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully, we'll see the fifth Foreshadowing quest sometime before Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 drops.

The previous Fortnight Foreshadowing quests tasked players with investigating broken CB radios and fixing broken telescopes. You also need to examine a downed helicopter.

The mission brief for this one says that it belongs to the IO. Keeping all that in mind, we may be heading towards a showdown between the I.O. and the aliens in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Where to find and destroy the Fortnite spooky TV sets

According to a tweet, there are seven Fortnite TV set locations in the game. However, you need to destroy only five to complete this challenge.

The best part about completing this Foreshadowing quest it that you receive 24k XP after destroying your fifth Fortnite spooky TV set.

The map shows the locations of the Fortnite spooky TV sets (Image via Fortnite.gg)
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The map shows the locations of the Fortnite spooky TV sets (Image via Fortnite.gg)

Given that these Fortnite TV sets are spread out all over the map, you may need to scout these locations out over multiple matches.

That being said, don't forget to watch your back as well. Since this quest has just gone live, every single looper in Fortnite will be trying to complete this challenge right now.

The best idea would be to attempt completing this mission with your squad. You could also try and complete this challenge in Team Rumble mode.

These quests are foreshadowing the arrival of the aliens in the game. According to data miner Hypex, Fortnite skipped the one quest. Why they chose to skip it is still a mystery though.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is shaping up to be a really interesting and a fun season. Don't forget to make the most of your battle pass for this season. It will expire in four days.

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