Mythic Symbiote Canisters Available in Fortnite

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With Carnage being available in the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 Battle Pass, and a new Venom bundle coming to the game shortly, it seemed reasonable to think there are Symbiotes on Apollo Island.

Starting today (September 17, 2021), players will be able to find two different Mythic Symbiote Canisters on Apollo Island.


One of these Canisters has the Carnage Symbiote, and the other the Venom Symbiote.

Mythic Symbiote Canisters

Each Symbiote is marked on the minimap when players get close to it, unless, of course, another player has already snagged it.


Once obtained, players will glow either black or red and obtain the Symbiote on their back and right arm.

The Symbiote grants players to ability to deploy a Symbiote Glider at any point during a significant fall by hitting the jump button and to attack and pull foes toward them with a Symbiote Arm that has a 10-second cooldown.

CARNAGE: Marigold took the path of Carnage
Credit: Fortnite Marigold Carnage Symbiote
CARNAGE: Marigold took the path of Carnage

Being Mythic items, there is only one of each type of Canister on the Island, meaning once a player has one, they will need to be taken out for another player to snag it.

The Mythic Symbiote Canisters are powerful items that will be sure to wreak havoc in Fortnite when in the right hands.

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