Fortnite Might be Getting a Slam-Dunk Cosmetic Pack Soon

Could there be a Fortnite LeBron James skin coming soon?

Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey posted a list of Fortnite 16.20 skins and sets they believe will release sometime during the patch.

Most of the list seems fairly tame, like what you’d expect from a set of new Fortnite skins.

There’s a bunny power upgrade, a seasonal set, and some earth- and ocean-themed skins, if iFireMonkey is correct.

At the bottom of the list is something unusual, though.

It’s an encrypted set with the file name “Fuss Jam” Set_01.

Eager Fortnite fans were quick to hop to conclusions.

Unless Fuss Jam means something else entirely, it’s possible this could be a reference to Warner Bros.’ new Space Jam film.

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Fortnite Might be Getting a Slam-Dunk Cosmetic Pack Soon

The Space Jam sequel features NBA star LeBron James in its central, non-Looney Tunes role.

However, assuming the Fortnite Fuss Jam set is Space Jam related, it could also be referring to Bugs Bunny or any of the classic cartoon characters.

If it turns out to be a Fortnite LeBron James skin, it would make James the second sports celebrity to get the Fortnite treatment.

Either way, it’s clear Epic doesn’t want data miners finding out what Fuss Jam is.

The developer only encrypts cosmetic packs when they’re connected to a bigger surprise they want to keep the lid on for as long as possible.

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