Fortnite Leaks Hint At Possible Fortnite Season 7 End Of Season Event

A big bomb will be involved with the Fortnite Season 7 end of season event.
Credit: Image via Twitter (@kooooomar)

A big bomb will be involved with the Fortnite Season 7 end of season event.
Credit: Image via Twitter (@kooooomar)

We know that the aliens have been nothing but a headache for the I.O. in Fortnite Season 7. And to combat that, Doctor Slone had a plan to destroy them as well.

However, we never knew the complete details of her plan.

Thanks to the dedicated data miners of the Fortnite community, we now know how she plans on dealing with the alien problem in Fortnite.

Fortnite leaks hint at Doctor Slone's master plan

Previously, we came to know that Doctor Slone was planning on destroying the Mothership. However, in order to destroy the Mothership, the I.O. needed something really big that would be capable of damaging the Mothership.

And that was just one part of the plan. The next part of the plan was having the aliens take it up onto the Mothership, willingly!

Recent leaks suggest that there is a huge bomb that's being built under Corny Complex. And we all know that Corny Complex will be abducted into the Mothership soon enough.

The moment the aliens abduct Corny Complex, they will be abducting the huge bomb as well. And the rest from there is history.

We knew that Doctor Slone was smart, but she being this smart was something we didn't expect. Then again, she's been leading the I.O. for a while now, so this shouldn't really be a surprise.

If the bomb does go off on the Mothership, there will be a lot of damage to the Fortnite island as we know it. And we just hope that the I.O. can contain the fall out.

From the looks of it, Fortnite Season 7 is turning out to be one heck of a season already! And it definitely does make up for whatever it was that Fortnite had going on in Season 6.

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