New Fortnite Leak Suggests An Among Us Collab

Fortnite is no stranger to in-game collaborations. This has further led to countless rumours and theories regarding the possibility of more collaborations in the game. While there is a particular faction of players who are tired of the never-ending run of in-game collaborations, there are also plenty of players who enjoy these popular references in Fortnite.

Having said that, the latest leaks that have surfaced suggest that Fortnite is gearing up for an extremely popular in-game collaboration. After the massive success of Ariana Grande's in-game concert, Fortnite could be set to host InnerSloth's Among Us as the latest collaboration.

Fortnite x Among Us

Based on leaks revealed by notable Fortnite data miner, HYPEX as well as popular content creator Ali-A, it seems certain that the upcoming collaboration is inevitable. Here's what HYPEX had tweeted regarding the upcoming Fortnite x Among Us collaboration.

The image is a screenshot of HYPEX's tweets regarding the Fortnite x Among Us collaboration.
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Additionally, Ali-A also commented on the same in one of his recent videos. The content creator went on to suggest that this leak could be a possible crossover between the IO in Fortnite and Among Us. However, until and unless the collaboration is officially announced, it remains difficult to determine the exact details.

Nevertheless, given the mention of words like "Mole," "Electrical, Cafeteria, Tasks, Sabotage" definitely confirms that an Among Us collaboration is well in the works for Fortnite. Additionally, a leaked image has also been doing the rounds on the internet. Here's the image,

The image depicts a fan-made cover image for the upcoming Fortnite x Among Us collaboration.
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According to this leaked image, it is believed that the Fortnite x Among Us collaboration could begin on 22 September 2021. However, the image is clearly a fan-made depiction of the possible collaboration. This means that we will have to wait until Epic Games makes an official announcement regarding this upcoming Fortnite x Among Us collaboration, possibly in Season 8.

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