Where To Find Bunker Jonesy In Fortnite

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Bunker Jonesy is the only snapshot of Jonesy in Fortnite Season 7.
Credit: Image via Wallpaperaccess.com

We've seen many versions of Agent John Jones in Fortnite. During the previous season, we had multiple snapshots of him present on the island itself.

However, it's evident that one snapshot of his has managed to escape the loop, but is still hiding on the island. In Fortnite Season 7, Bunker Jonesy is the only snapshot of Agent John Jones that you'll find on the island.


But where do you find him?

Fortnite Jonesy location


As mentioned before, Bunker Jonesy is the only version of Jonesy in Fortnite for now. That being said, he's located at the southern most tip of the island.

In order to make your way to Bunker Jonesy, you will have to make your way to Misty Meadows. Once you're at this POI, you will still need to travel southwards.

Once you've crossed the snow capped peaks, you will come to a spot known as Ares Ski. Head down from here and you'll find a log cabin of sorts.

This landmarks is known as Lumber Lodge and it's the Fortnite Jonesy location for Chapter 2 Season 7. Here's a map pin-pointing the exact location.

Lumber Lodge happens to be the Fortnite Jonesy location in Chapter 2 Season 7.
Image via Fortnite.gg

He has some of his own small missions for you to complete. Not only that, if you give him enough gold, this NPC will also activate a rift for you.


Although Bunker Jonesy is a useful NPC because of his rift selling abilities, it's slightly difficult to rotate out of this area. So make sure you have a vehicle to get out of here, or make sure you have enough gold to buy that rift.

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