There Are Too Many Harleys in Fortnite (And Still Not Enough)

Fortnite has a Harley Quinn problem.

It is not as bad as its Jonesy problem, but it is getting there.

There are way too many Harley Quinns in Fortnite, and at the same time, there is not enough.

It is an issue Epic Games and DC Comics need to fix, though how to fix it is a different matter.

With a rumored new style of the Rebirth Harley Quinn skin, one with black and red highlights in her hair instead of pink and blue, with the release of BloodSport, Epic needs to take a step back and take a hard look at what players really need from a Harley Quinn skin.

Harley Quinn/Always Fantabulous Harley

Back in 2020, the first Harley Quinn skin to be added to Fortnite was done so in collaboration with the first Suicide Squad movie.

The skin took Harley's look from the movie and added it into the game, introducing those who were not familiar with the character in the worst way possible.

Lil Monster XoXo Harley could be purchased from the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks, or as a 2,000 V-Buck bundle that included her Punchline Pickaxes.

Players could also earn the Always Fantabulous Harley style for her by completing the following challenges:

  • Place top 30 in Solo, Duos, or Squads, then top 20, then top 10
  • Hit weak points
  • Deal damage using Pickaxes

This version of Harley is as far from her origins as one can get, though her Always Fantabulous style captures her a bit better than the Lil Monster XoXo default.

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Rebirth Harley Quinn

Fortnite Rebirth Harley Quinn
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COMICS: A bit more like her current comic form

The release of the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comics brought Rebirth Harley Quinn into Fortnite.

This design ditches the movie look of Quinn, taking inspiration from DC Comic's 2016 reboot of its universe.

While this version of Harley is a bit more similar to her roots, it is still a pretty far departure from her introduction to the DC universe in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Joker's Favor."

A New Style?

Fornite Rebirth Harley Quinn style
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SQUAD: A new style for Rebirth Quinn?

During the reveal trailer for The Suicide Squad's BloodSport, Epic Games gave fans a brief glimpse of Rebirth Harley Quinn, but with red and black highlights in her pigtails instead of her default pink and blue.

This version definitely looks a bit more "Quinn" than previous Fortnite incarnations and maybe coming to the game as a new style for the Rebirth Harley Quinn skin.

It is currently unknown if this look will actually be available to players and how it will be unlocked if it does become an official style.

The Missing Quinn

Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn
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QUINN: The original

Fortnite has failed Harley Quinn in not creating a skin for how Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel originally appeared in Batman: The Animated Series.

For those unfamiliar, Dr. Quinzel was Joker's therapist from Arkham Asylum.

Joker slowly corrupter her, breaking her and molding her into Harley Quinn.

Only meant to appear in one episode, Quinn was featured several times in the series, quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Her original look is directly taken from traditional Harlequin gear: a jester's hat, ruffled collar, and a black and red diamond pattern.

Quinn's blonde hair was never colored in any way, and she was always portrayed as blonde when not wearing her signature hat.

An excellent style for the skin would be her in her Doctor's white coat, glasses, and black skirt.

While Fortnite currently has too much Harley Quinn in the form of two sub-part skins, they need more by correcting their past mistakes and releasing Classic Harley for fans to enjoy.

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Other Harleys

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Harley Quinn
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BOLD: Harley from Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold

While Fortnite needs OG Harley, an acceptable compromise would be the addition of Harley from the 2008 animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Appearing in only two episodes, Quinn was portrayed as a black and white 1920's flapper.

This version of Harley also made a colorized appearance in Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold direct-to-video movie.

This version of Quinn, while drastically different than her original design, retains the same personality as her Batman: The Animated Series character.

There have been many other versions of Harley Quinn, none of which really need to find their way into Fortnite.

Here are some places alternate Quinns can be found:

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond Harley Quinn
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Harley is a wise and reformed old lady.

OK, this one does need to be in Fortnite.


Injustice Harley Quinn
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While Harley plays a great role in the Injustice games and series of comics, her design is not distinct enough to be added to the Fortnite world as anything other than an additional style to one of Harley's current models.

The Arkham Trilogy

Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn
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The Arkham series of games featured a more sexualized version of Harley, which really does not need to be included in Fortnite.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Harley Quinn
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A very sadistic and horribly insane version of Quinn.

This version is little more than Harley Quinn in her underwear and wielding a chainsaw.

She meets a rather gruesome end by a vampire Batman.

Hard pass.

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