Everything We Know About The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Live Event

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It's been a while since we've seen an event in Fortnite. Thanks to the latest information that we've received during the Fortnite update today, a live event may just be on the cards.

We're still not sure if this is going to be a story based event. However, given the way the icons look, it could be a story based event in all probability.


Everything we know about the live event in Fortnite Season 7

Although these posters are still encrypted, they'll be able to give us an interesting idea about the event once they're decrypted.

Moving on, the event is supposed to get its own counter. The new counter will apparently have it's own holographic sky beam. It'll consist of three stages and it'll use the alien glyphs.


We know that there's an Ariana Grande concert on the cards as well, but I don't think these files would be related to the concert. I feel that this event is a storyline based event, and will probably have to do something with Coral Castles' destruction.

This event could, in some ways, be similar to the Device live event as well. If it is so, we could be experiencing some major map changes after the event has ended.

Moreover, this event will apparently have challenges associated with it too. From the looks of it, this is one event I would definetly love to participate in.


According to recent information, there's a new green abductor that's appeared in the middle of the map. This abductor has the event countdown going on and the countdown ends in 10 days.

Furthermore, data miners believe that this event will have some cosmetics associated with it. You'll have to complete a few challenges in order to win these cosmetics.

This is all that we know about the event for now. We'll keep updating this information once we have more information about it.


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