Fortnite Creative Callout Invites Map Makers for Fortnitemares 2021

Credit: Image via Epic Games

Credit: Image via Epic Games

Fortnitemares is making a return in 2021 and Epic Games has called upon the map creators in the community for a special cause. Given that Fortnitemares has been an iconic event for Fortnite fans, it seems obvious that Epic Games is planning something big for it.

Epic Games claims that a separate Fortnitemares section will be added to the Discovery menu of Fortnite Creative. This special section will feature all the games that creators submit during Creator Callout 2021.

Let's dive in and check out what Fortnitemares Creator Callout 2021 is all about.

Fortnitemares Creator Callout 2021

According to the official release from Epic Games, Creator Callout 2021 will feature various types of games that will allow players to have a taste of everything. Additionally, the developers will be selecting the best maps during the first week of October. Having said that, creators whose maps are selected will be mentored by Epic Games' representatives to further finetune the player experiences as well as help the creators in honing their skills.

In order to provide players with an idea of everything that is possible in Fortnite Creative, Epic Games worked closely with Meta4 Interactive and created a survivor-horror mini-game called Nightfair. Creators who are looking for inspiration are advised to check out this map in Fortnite Creative before they start designing their own maps for Fortnitemares 2021.

The code required to join Nightfair in Fortnite Creative is - 8342-0826-6393

How to participate in Fortnitemares Creator Callout 2021?

In order to participate in the Fortnitemares Creator Callout 2021, creators will need to follow a series of steps. However, before getting started with these steps, the creator will have to ensure that their map is completely functional and ready to be deployed in Fortnite Creative.

Once that has been taken care of, the creator will need to follow these steps,

  • The creator will have to visit the Fortnite Creative Featured Content form.
  • Following that, the creator needs to select "Seasonal Event" from the first dropdown menu.
  • Once the player has filled in all the other required information, they can simply click on the Submit button and register themselves.

Advice from Epic Games

In their official release, the developers have provided a list of guidelines that creators should follow. These guidelines will allow the creators to design maps and games that will give them a shot at creating a successful Creative experience.

The advice laid down by Epic Games includes:

  • Rock Solid New Player Experience - This will allow new players to enjoy the custom game in Fortnite Creative as well.
  • Deep and Intuitive Gameplay System(S) - This can be any form of interaction that is fairly simple to understand, yet quite difficult to master.
  • Exciting and Challenging Player Progression - This will not only grant players a sense of achievement but also make them want to come back and work on their in-game progress.

Considering all of these factors, it can be expected that Fortnitemares 2021 will indeed be a treat for the entire community with a bunch of spooky maps to choose from in Fortnite Creative.

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