Fortnite Collector's Edition Monopoly is Available for Preorder

The Fortnite x Monopoly leak from the other week is now official, with Monopoly token Back Blings available for players who purchase Fortnite Collector's Edition Monopoly.

The Collector's Edition does not differ much from the retail edition of the game released a few years back. The main difference is that it comes with metal tokens of characters not released in the original offering. Other than that, it includes a code for players to redeem for the classic Monopoly tokens as in-game Back Blings.

Fortnite Collector's Edition Monopoly

Fortnite Collector's Edition Monopoly
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Fortnite Fans can find Fortnite Collector's Edition Monopoly available for preorder from various different online stores now for around $37. Unfortunately, there has not been an update to the board, so the locations are still classic ones from Chapter 1. The only new things in this version are the metal tokens,

The real reason many Fortnite players are going to be snagging this new Collector's Edition is for the Back Blings, though it is a bit strange to be running around Apollo Island with a Monopoly token on a character's back. Then again, this is Fortnite.

Fortnite Collector's Edition Monopoly is put out by Hasbro and should be available sometime in October, 2021.

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