How To Set Structures On Fire In Fortnite Season 6

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 Season 6 of Fortnite has introduced a whole new way to play the popular Battle Royale game with the new Primal theme.

But in typical Fortnite fashion, the game is tasking players with a familiar challenge as part of the Week 4 Quests.

Players will need to set structures on fire to complete the Epic Quest on offer.

But how do you do this?

Set Structures On Fire In Fortnite

Here's this week's Epic challenge:

  • Set structures on fire (0/10) - 24,000 XP

This is easy enough if you have the right tools and know-how.

There are a variety of ways to set structures on fire.

The easiest and most convenient way to set a structure on fire is to catch Fireflies and lob them at structures.

Fireflies have no set spawn but are usually flying around the map in woodland areas.

You will spot them as they emit an orange hue and bob around in the air.

When near them, the game prompt you to catch them.

Collect the fireflies and throw them at structures when you see them.


Alternatively, you can collect gas cans - these are usually locating at bus stops and near gas stations.

Collect one, throw it at a structure and just shoot it!

Finally, you can try blowing up a vehicle near a structure which will set the surroundings on fire.

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