Fortnite Season 6: Where To Ride Different Ziplines

Fortnite isn't afraid to reuse a few creative challenges and it's no different in Fortnite Season 6.

The week 2 challenges asks players to jump in-game and ride five different Ziplines on the map.

Fortunately, this is a really easy task and will require limited effort on your part in the pursuit of 24,000 XP.

Here's how to ride different Ziplines in Fortnite and where to find them.

Ride Different Ziplines

The new season has brought plenty of ziplines into the action to help players get around the map and travel upwards faster.

One of the new locations and arguably the best locations to complete this challenge is The Spire.

This new POI has plenty of ziplines going up the tower located in the centre of the map.

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Just look at how many ziplines there are in such a small place!

It's also worth doing the tried and trusted zipline that goes all the way from Steamy Stacks to Retail Row.

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There's also a number that lie around the mountains behind Catty Corner and Misty Meadows to try out.

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