Where To Collect Books From Holly Hedges And Pleasant Park

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Players will need to collect books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park as they attempt to complete the Season 6 Week 8 challenges.

With a new week starting, week 8 requires players to do a bit of bookwork and hunt down some literature.


These books are spread across two notable POIs - Pleasant Park and Holly Hedges.

Here are all locations for these books in Fortnite Season 6.

Collect Books From Holly Hedges

There are four book locations in Holly Hedges:


The first book location in the bottom right of the POI is located between the fireplace and kitchen door.

The next location requires you to visit the house next door. Head south and into the front door, you'll spot


If you head over the garden centre (located in the middle of the POI) and to the blue house in the west, you'll spot your next book on the floor in front of the bookcase.

Finally, the last book is in the yellow building to the north (down the street from the blue building).


Collect Books For Pleasant Park

There are three book locations in Pleasant Park

Head to the house in the bottom left corner of the POI, go through the front door, turn right into the kitchen and right again into the dining room. It is located between the dining table and bookcase.


Next, head to the house next door and it will be in the room on your left between the bookcase and tv.

Finally, head to the red brick building at the top of the POI