Fortnite: Update 3.00 Patch Notes

Chapter 2 Season 5 has received a new update!

Shortly after the big 15.20 update, Fortnite has released another - update 3.00.

While this is a comparatively smaller update, it does fix some necessary issues within the game.

So what did the latest update do? Here are the details.

Fortnite Update 3.00 Patch Notes

Battle Royale

  • Bars in competitive playlists appear to overwrite total Bars.

Competitive Battle Royale players were experiencing an issue where their Bar totals would display incorrectly - which has now been fixed.


  • “Devices” and “Prefabs” tabs are swapped when viewing the Creative Inventory

A small change - Devices and Prefabs tabs have been swapped in the inventory.

Save the World

  • Eliminating Takers doesn’t count towards Ventures quest.

Finally, an issue has been addressed where Taker eliminations wouldn’t count towards the Ventures quest.

What Else?

Fortnite has also resolved the issue where Quest progression wasn't tracking or appeared to reset - this was particularly relevant with the Slurpy Swamp challenge.

They have also added the Lever Action Shotgun to competitive playlists.

The Melt limited-time mode is currently unavailable - there's no indication of when this will return.

They had also fixed the Billboard in Creative (text in published ISland and the hub now being visible again), but it has now been discovered that text that is activated or hidden channels is no longer functioning properly.

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