Fortnite Patch 15.20 Patch Notes: Release Date, Downtime Confirmed, Skins, News, Bug Fixes, Downtime, Locations, Leaks And Everything You Need To Know

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Update 15.20 is coming to Fortnite this week!

Chapter 2 Season 5 has been live for a number of weeks already, experiencing a beautiful Christmas themed event in Operation Snowdown.

Not to mention that we've been getting plenty of new cosmetics and challenges to occupy us over the holidays.

Now that we're in 2021, Epic Games are working on deploying the first update of the year.

As the current festive event comes to an end, we're expecting the new update to mark this change.

Here are the patch notes for 15.20 of Fortnite.

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 information right here or checking out our live countdown.

Creator Patch Notes - 13th January

Merl has posted the patch notes sent out to support a creator partners.

Check it out below! 

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Update Tomorrow! - 12th January 

Fortnite has confirmed that downtime for the 15.20 patch will be coming tomorrow, January 13th.

Battle up close and personal in our new update. v15.20 is scheduled for release on January 13.

Downtime for the update will begin at approx. 4 AM ET (09:00 UTC).


v15.20 Arriving Tomorrow? - 12th January

According to @FNLeaksAndInfo, v15.20 is dropping tomorrow.

Sand Tunneling Returning - 11th January

Did you notice that Sand Tunneling has been disabled for a long time?

Well, it's reportedly returning in the v15.20 update.

New Build Tested - 8th January

A new build of 15.20 was recently tested, increasing the likelihood that the update is coming next week.

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Update Almost Ready - 7th January

VasttBlast has noted on Twitter that Epic has added update 15.20 into the pre-release staging phase.

Expect the new update within the next week or so! 

Patch v15.20 has been added to the pre-release staging servers. Epic is currently testing this update version, and will most likely release within the upcoming week(s).

Windtunnels Return? - 7th January

Wind Tunnels/Slip Stream sounds effects have been re-added to Fortnite.

Will these appear in the next update?

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Photo via @DrpyCatty

Here's what they look like:

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v15.20 Update Coming Next Week? - 6th January

@iFireMonkey has claimed that the v15.20 update will arrive next week, or possibly the week after, rather than this week as everyone speculated.

He attributes this to the fact that the update has yet to reach the staging server.

Flip Reset Lobby Track - 6th January

Owners of the Flip Reset Lobby Track will be regranted the track with the release of the v15.20 game update.

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Release Date

Since the last patch released back on December 14th, 2020 we can expect some downtime before the next one releases.

Epic typically waits two-three weeks before they release the next patch. 

So expect it to release on the 31st of December or the first week of the New Year. 

Patch Notes

As most of you are aware of, Epic does not tend to release full patch notes anymore.

Instead, we must rely on the patch notes that they send to Epic Games creators the night of the patch.

While these are broader, there are some more technical updates that are made that rarely get highlighted.

These are, however, posted on the Fortnite Community Trello Board.

Here's what is getting fixed in the next patch:


  • Michonne Outfit visual issue with Cape back blings.
    • We are aware that the Michonne Outfit (without the poncho edit style) has visual issues when using a Cape back bling. This issue will be fixed in a future game update.
  • Multipoint Edge Glider deforming midair.
    • The Multipoint Edge Glider may deform midair.
  • Flip Reset Lobby Track inadvertently removed from players' Lockers.
    • The Flip Reset Lobby Track has been advertently removed from players' Lockers.
    • Owners of the Flip Reset Lobby Track will be regranted the track with the release of the v15.20 game update.

Battle Royale

  • Rebooted players may see an already completed Bounty.
    • If a Bounty was accepted and completed before a player was Rebooted, upon reboot they may see that Bounty appear on their screen.
    • Since the Bounty was already completed while you were awaiting Reboot, simply let it time out.
  • Total Bars appearing as 0 in a match.
    • Players may on rare occasion load into a match without their total Bars available, showing 0 in their persistent stash.
    • Don't worry, your total collected Bars are still tracked - but collecting Bars in the match where they appear at 0 will not add to your cumulative total.
    • Loading into another match should show your total collected Bars, however any collected in the match where they appeared 0 will not have been added.
    • Bars in Arena must be gathered in-match and your persistent stash is unavailable.
  • Hypernova Outfit appearing as a different Outfit in the Lobby and in-match.
    • The Hypernova Outfit may appear as a different Outfit in the Lobby and in a match.
  • Sand Tunneling will also be re-enabled in the next update.
    • We've temporarily disabled Sand Tunneling on the Island while we investigate an issue. We'll let everyone know when this feature returns.

Save The World Top

  • Quest progress not instantly updating in the HUD and Quest Log.
    • Quest progress may be slow to update in the HUD and Quest Log.

Exotic Weapons

MikeDulaimi, or formerly known as FNBRHQ has posted some new Fortnite leaks via FortTory.

These are all the unreleased Exotic weapons currently in the game files.

Perhaps some of these will be added with the new update? 

  • HopRockDualies
  • SMG_Frozen
  • SMG_RunGun
  • Assault_BigMoney
  • Assault_Brrrrst
  • Launcher_DrunkenQuad
  • Sniper_DragonBreath

HYPEX has also noted the following exotic weapons have been found within the files! 

Run Gun SMG: increases your running/walking speed (i had a footage with @ximton but i deleted it and i'm too lazy to record it again) - Freeze AR: gives chiller trap effect to other players - Slurp Bazooka: maybe scrapped

Leaks or Rumors? 

Some notable leaks and rumors have been flying in over the holiday season.

One of these comes from VasttBlast, who notes Epic is working on a new vehicle with a mounted weapon!

Epic is working on a car with a mounted turret/gun. Some values I found:

• "AFortDagwoodVehicle:ApplyVehicleModMountedGun" • "MountedGunData"

This may or may not have something to do with the upcoming creative mods.


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