Fortnite: Visit Houses In Slurpy Swamp Challenge

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A lot of challenges this week want you stopover at Slurpy Swamp, and this one is no exception.

You’ll have to visit three houses in the area, though where are they?


Slurpy Swamp might not seem like the best place to live, but that doesn’t stop everyone from making it their home!

Here’s where all the houses are in Fortnite.

Where Are The Slurpy Swamp Houses?

There are a bunch of buildings and shacks that you could call a house on the outskirts of Slurpy Swamp and we’ve documented them all!


The first is a collection of about four, so land here and you should be able to blast through the challenge.

It will definitely help with trying to visit all the houses in one match!

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Though if you like a little bit more challenge to your quests, why not venture out to this Slurpy Swamp house.

These two are right next to each other and one even has a place to dock your boat!

Though if you looking to stay in one spot forever, even after you’ve been eliminated, why not try this next house, with attached graveyard…


You’ll also find a teddy bear inside, sat staring into the glow of a chest.

Finally, this house may not have a whole roof or all its walls, but as houses in Slurpy Swamp go it might be the best so far!

And that’s all of them!


Hopefully visiting it any selection of three will work, but just keep trying them and you should beat the challenge in no time.

Good luck out there.