Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Kit’s Cantina POI Guide: Location, Chest Spawns, Loot, Weapons, Challenges and More

With update 15.30 now live in Fortnite, the Mandalorian is getting a special LTM!

The new update has implemented a ton of content for players to check out. From two brand new exotic weapons to the mentioned Mandoalorian LTM!

The content does not stop there, as Epic has added a brand new POI to the Fortnite map which is directly related to the Mandalorian.

Here is a full guide of the brand new POI! 



Kit’s Cantina is the brand new POI that was added during the 15.30 update.

It is located towards the center of the map, and more specifically just north of Hunter's Haven, which was added this season.

While this POI is not a big one in comparison to other locations, it is still notable throughout the map! 

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Chests and Weapon Spawns has noted that there are a grand total of six chests that have a possibility of spawing at this new POI.

As well, there are a total of 15-floor weapon spawns that could appear when you are looting this area! 



As of now, there are no challenges that appear at this location! 

We can assume there will be some added in the final weeks of the season. 


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