How To Get The Beskar Umbrella In Fortnite: Mando's Bounty Nerfed

With update 15.30 now live in Fortnite, the Mandalorian is getting a special LTM!

Yes, remember Mando? That skin you probably forgot all about. Well, he's finally getting a share of the spotlight, 10 weeks after he first arrived.

Players can play this special bounty style LTM and earn the Beskar Umbrella.

The less obnoxious glider is available for a limited time - so how can you grab it for yourself?

Here's how to get the Beskar Umbrella in Fortnite.

How To Get The Beskar Umbrella In Fortnite

The reward is given to players for competing in the 'Mando's Bounty' LTM.

You will get the reward for winning one game in the LTM.

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THIS IS THE WAY: Grab your reward while you can

If you're looking to grab the Umbrella, I would recommend playing Squads.

Aggressive gameplay is the most rewarding style as you need to kill other players to earn credits.

At 100,000 credits (or all players are eliminated) you will win the match. Credits exchange hands very quickly towards the end due to the high bounties and cluster of people.

Be sure to drop in busy areas of the map to rack up kills, but play smart or you will lose precious lives.

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You only have a limited time to get this reward.

The reward will no longer be available after the 9th February

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A STAR WAR: A new POI has been added especially for the LTM

Mando's Bounty LTM

"The best hunter in the galaxy wants to prove himself-against you. Challenge other players to see who can score credits the fastest. Take out bounty targets for extra credits and eliminate specially-marked hunters for high-tier loot. When the Mandalorian enters the match, he will hunt down the player with the most credits. You can get to the top but can you stay there?

Mando's Bounty Nerfed

Fortnite dataminer @iFireMonkey has revealed that the bots in the bounty mode have been nerfed.


Reposted because I mixed up the "Closer Bot" and "Sniper Bot".Here are all the bot tags:- Closer- Master- Sniper- Tank- Cantina POI AI
— iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey)
February 3, 2021
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