Where Are The New Exotics In Fortnite?

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The most recent update, v15.30, brought two new Exotic weapons to Fortnite.

The Chug Cannon and the Burst Quad Launcher are two very contrasting Exotics - one causes destruction and one heals.


Like other special weapons, these can't be found around the map in chests or other places; they're located in just one place.

Here's where to get the new Exotic Weapons in Fortnite Season 5.

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Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher And Chug Cannon Exotic

Remember the Bandage Bazooka? The Chug Cannon is essentially the other side of the coin.

Whereas the Bandage Bazooka can be fired at allies to restore their health from a distance, the Chug Cannon does the same for shields.

That means you can essentially give your comrades a slurp-style shield boost from a few metres away.


Pick your weapon of choice

We've also not seen a Quad Launcher since it was vaulted some time ago, but this Burst Quad Launcher is exactly as you'd expect.

Looking like the weapon Arnie gets his hands on in classic movie Commando, from what we can tell it'll fire off volleys of rockets – in a burst, duh.

As an "Exotic" tier item, don't expect to stumble upon it often. We'll update this page when we've gotten our hands on it.



Burst Quad Launcher Location In Fortnite

To get the Burst Quad Launcher, you'll need to head to the main structure located in Coral Castle.

Here you'll meet the NPC Fishstick.

Speak to Fishstick and you can purchase the Quad Burst Launcher from her for 600 Gold Bars.

Chug Cannon Location In Fortnite?

To get the Chug Cannon, you'll need to head to the house located to the north-east of Pleasant Park.


Here you'll meet the NPC Remedy.

Speak to Remedy and you can purchase the Chug Cannon from her for 600 Gold Bars.