Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Mystique Glitch Lets You Use Any Skin You Want

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Chapter 2 Season 4’s additions to Fortnite have been pretty awesome so far.

There are a host of returning weapons, a bunch of new superpowers to use and distinct emotes exclusive to the Marvel-inspired skins.


A particular favourite sees super-spy Mystique taking on the appearance of those she eliminates, but only until she takes or deals damage.

Well, the appropriate named Fortnite YouTuber Glitch King seems to have found an exploit to circumvent these rules.

How To Do The Mystique Skin Glitch

Step one, and this is annoying, is that you’ll need to hop into either Creative or Battle Lab.


This glitch only works in these two modes, not in Solos, Duos or Squads.

You’ll also need to be wearing the Mystique skin and have completed here Awakening challenges to get her shape-shifter emote, but this goes without saying.

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Next step is to kill a player in these modes and steal their skin using the emote.


After that, you’ll need to respawn and leave the Creative Island or return to the Battle Lab hub.

Now you can now do whatever you want in these modes and will keep the skin you stole!

If you need more help, this video should show you how to do the exploit.


Source: Glitch King

This could get patched out soon so be quick if you want to try it out, but because of the modes it’s in maybe the exploit will stick around.

Even if something similar could be done in more competitive matches, skins don’t give you much of an advantage so perhaps Epic Games would let it stay?

Unfortunately, you won’t have these skins added to your Locker permanently but at least for a few matches, you can try out rare designs that you’ve missed out on!


What skins do you most want to steal from your friends?