Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Changes And Improvements Epic Need To Make To Make The Community Happy

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Epic Games has been getting some flack for the prevailing issues in Fortnite and that doesn't seem to have gone away in Chapter 2 Season 2.

While some things seem like a step too far, such as the trending Twitter hashtag #ripfortnite, players have legitimate concerns about the welfare of the game.

Players of all standards have been complaining, from pros to fresh faces. So what can Epic do in the approaching Chapter 2 Season 3 to bring players back onside?


Aim Assist

Is Aim Assist an unfair advantage in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2?

It's been said for a while now, but players who use controllers on PC seem to have an unfair advantage over other players.

In fact, mouse and keyboard players in lobbies and matches with console players also seem to be unfairly rewarded.


Aim Assist originally helped PC players with controllers to be on similar levels with quicker mouse and keyboard counterparts.

However, now cross-play has been enforced, it's the console players who are losing out.

It's hard to stay competitive when other players have assisted aim or mice and keyboards, so this needs fixing asap. Whether it's reducing the assist or introducing console-only lobbies, something has to be done.

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Competitive Issues

Epic is keeping things like Choppas and crash pads out of competitive, but what about other ridiculous items?


Mythic items and NPCs still frequent competitive games, giving the battles more RNG than ever before.

If there's one thing you don't want in competitive fights, it's an element of randomness.

These matches should be a test of skill, not who picks up the Mythic weapons the quickest.

Reports of pro players leaving the game to play Warzone mean that this is a big issue that Epic needs to deal with quickly.

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Fix Server Lag And Blank Hit Markers

Fortnite needs to work out its bugs to get players back on board.

These are a couple of bugs that have been repeatedly coming up in Chapter 2 Season 2. A lot of these involve server lag, including the issue of blank hit markers.


Players who score clear hits on opponents sometimes don't see the damage appear - even point-blank headshots with shotguns sometimes bug out.

This has huge consequences to your decision-making in a fight, and negatively affects games.

Players don't know whether the hit has been registered, whether the server has lagged, or if the number just didn't show up but the opponent took the damage.

It's difficult to stay on top of every bug, but this one needs looking at soon.

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This is the biggest issue most players have with Fortnite at the moment. Fans are left without knowing what the plans are or what changes in each update.

Gone are the days of developer videos explaining what's going on. Even patch notes have been phased out and relegated to the official Trello board.

Put simply, Epic needs to improve its communication a lot, and players will be more understanding once they know what's going on.