Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: The Rig Location Guide, Loot Locations, Where To Drop

Of all the new locations in Fornite Chapter 2 Season 2, The Rig looks particularly exciting. Perhaps it's because I've watched too many action movies, or maybe I'm just a big fan of oligarchs and offshore drilling, but it looks like the perfect location for a Fortnite showdown to me.

The new season has brought a whole host of changes, and The Rig hides more secrets than you'd imagine. There's certainly more to come from it, too. Maybe that's because of the arrival of Deadpool or the integration of the brand new game engine that has so far not seen much action in-game?

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Whatever you think, we've covered all the best landing spots, loot locations and much more if you fancy dropping into the southwestern corner of the map, not far from Slurpy Swamp.

Best Landing Spots

The Rig is only a small location, so aim for a building and hope nobody else picked the same one. The building all hold similar levels of loot, with a few chests dotted around, too. If you're dropping as a Duo, we recommend someone landing on top of the crane, more for intel on opponents' positions than any other reason. If you're in a team, some people will probably need to land at nearby Slurpy Swamp and fend for themselves, as there isn't that much loot to go around.

Your best bet is probably the building on that northwesterly jutting out a bit, marked with a large "3" on the side. You'll find TnTina outside, the Boss who'll give you a key card and special Boom Bow if you defeat her. Be sure to go inside the building first to get some weapons to actually, you know, defeat her.

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Loot Locations

Your best bet is the hidden vault in The Rig, accessed with the key card after defeating TnTina. The key card will direct you towards its location but head down the stairs on the north side of the main square of the rig to find the vault. Open it to find chests, ammo crates, and a supply cache.

There are chests elsewhere on The Rig, but the vault is your best bet for good loot.

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Finding Cover

There is actually a fair amount of cover on The Rig, and the buildings have larger rooms than some of the other new POIs. My top tip is to jump off the edge and into the water if you're losing a fight, as there are plenty of spots to climb back up to the main deck.

You'll struggle most when swimming to and from the shoreline, as you'll be exposed in the open water. Try to coax a teammate into giving you a lift on a boat if they landed on the shore.

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Best Weapons

It's hard to say what is best on The Rig, due to the differences in every game. Shotguns will always be useful inside buildings, but longer-ranged Assault Rifles might be handy for on-deck firefights. If you can snipe from the top of the crane, then a Sniper Rifle could suit you, too. Just make sure to get plenty of shields up and grab a bunch of materials for building structures - they could save your bacon.

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Pros And Cons

The Rig is quite a small area, but really busy, so expect lots of fighting. It's also quite removed from the rest of the map, so you may be in for a trek to keep up with the circle. However, the vault can provide you with all the best loot for a successful game.

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