Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Slurpy Swamp Guide - Where To Drop, Best Loot Spots, Tips And Tricks

It can be difficult to decide where to land as your character hurtles towards the ground along with 99 others who they must defeat.

But, if you departed the battle bus in the southwesterly corner of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2's new map, you could well be headed for Slurpy Swamps.

Many people are still testing and trialling the new locations that Fortnite brought in to Chapter 2, but Slurpy Swamps quickly became a favourite. Here's why:

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Best Landing Spots

While landing in the main compound may seem like the way to go - and it is where most of the loot is to be fair - landing in the surrounding swamps is not a bad idea at all.

Just entering the foetid swamp water will heal your health and shields, allowing you to harvest some wood and then head into the fight with shields already up.


However, if you do land in the compound, be prepared to loot for your life. Slurpy Swamp is a hugely popular spot, so get a weapon as fast as you can.

Don't forget to destroy those Slurp Tanks to restore your health and shields - and the health and shields of nearby teammates, too.

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Loot Locations

So far we have found 17 loot chests in Slurpy Swamp, which shows why it is so popular. Check the minimap above for their precise locations, but they are spread pretty evenly across the POI.

Bigger buildings are the home of more chests and don't forget to build all the way up to the top of the tallest chimney for that hard-to-find last one.

Unlike other famous swamps (like Shrek or something), the factory here means you can harvest plenty of metal. As well as the metal walls, there are plenty of cars and other machines to max out that metal ready for late-game building.

As well as chests, plenty of other loot will decorate the floors Slurpy Swamp, as well as those restorative Slurp Tanks we talked about earlier. Boost your shields for free, grab some good weapons, and head into the fight!

Finding Cover

As we mentioned, there are lots of tiny rooms inside the main factory for you to bamboozle your enemies in. However, if you're outside, you'll have to make do with using cars and suchlike as cover.

Of course, if you've played it sensibly and harvested plenty of metal from the factory or wood from the surrounding forest, you can build your own structures to create all the cover you need.


Outside of the main area, the dense forest provides plenty of cover, but much less loot. You'll pretty much always want to head into the centre for some better weapons after landing in the forest, but you can use the cover of trees to scout out enemy positions.

Slurpy Swamp will always be a busy area, so building structures will likely be your best bet for survival. However, don't forget to jump in the polluted swamp water or destroy a Slurp Tank to restore health and shields mid-fight.

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Best Weapons

Short-ranged weapons are the best for Slurpy Swamp. While it may be tempting to grab a Bolt-Action Sniper and head for the tallest spots in the POI, the number of buildings and trees in the vicinity make sniping inefficient.

Try to find yourself a Combat Shotgun for the close-range firefights that you'll no doubt be a part of.


Of course, nobody can ever say no to a good ole' Pump Shotgun, which will KO an enemy with just a couple of rounds to the head. SMGs are a good back-up, but a shotgun should always be your first port of call.

One last thing, you can fish in the waters swamp water, so holding onto a fishing rod in the earliest stages could provide you with some wonderful health-restoring fish to save for later.

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The Flip Side

With the good comes the inevitable bad. New players might struggle here, as it's such a popular spot. And, while a team of four will have plenty of loot to share between them, if a teammate is in your building, things can seem lacking.

Make sure to communicate effectively with your team to let them know where you're going.

What's more, your opponents can use the same tips and tricks as you. You might think you only need one more shot to finish off an enemy, but unbeknownst to you they might have jumped in the swamp quickly and gained the element of surprise.

However, most of the negative aspects of Slurpy Swamp can be eliminated with good preparation or practise. Harvest plenty of materials, build quickly in a fight, and hope the loot gods smile down at you.

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