Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Best Weapons Guide: Best Guns To Use In C2S2

Season 2 for Fortnite Chapter 2 lands in just a few hours time! With so many players getting ready for a brand-new season, it is very important to know the very best weaponry for your loadout.

With the metagame of Fortnite constantly changing, it is important to know what weapons are the most effective at dealing a lot of damage, allowing you to take down enemies quickly and using a minimal amount of ammunition.

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New weapons are likely to be added to coincide with the release of the new season but there are many weapons that are already in the game which are key ingredients for a successful game.

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In this article, find out the best weapons to use for nearly every situation imaginable.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Best Weapons Guide

Tactical Shotgun

The Tactical Shotgun is a must-have in everyone's inventory thanks to its extremely high DPS. 

As one of the more common weapons to find in various locations, the Tac Shotgun is perfect in early-game situations, allowing you to deal plenty of damage very quickly to score some early eliminations with ease.

In comparison to other shotguns, its larger magazine and faster rate of fire put it a cut above the rest.


The all-purpose assault rifle boasts the highest DPS in the entire game so getting your hands on one of these is ideal for mid-to-long-range engagements!

Rocket Launcher

The ability to deal a massive amount of damage at nearly every possible range makes the Rocket Launcher an extremely versatile weapon to have in your inventory.

Perfect for destroying all forms of structures in the late stages of a game, immediately switching to an assault rifle after taking down a wall is a handy way of dealing some hefty damage onto your opponents.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

There is no better weapon for dealing damage at range than the bolt-action sniper rifle.

Thanks to its long reload time, it gives you plenty of time to line up the shot and potentially deal over one hundred damage to an opponent, either eliminating them or setting them up for an easy finish with another weapon in your loadout.

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